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Hip Clipper Testimonials:

First let me say thanks for teaching me to save more money. Four years ago I came came down with a condition the doctors can not cure but have been treating and treating well. I'm now a stay at home dad. It's been challenging not making as much money for my family, so I decided to look at different ways to save money and that's when I took your class......That was one of my better decisions in life.... I'm now saving over $100 a week. My budget before your class was $200 a week and now I spend around $80. I think this is just crazy, crazy good of course.. My wife is amazed that we have as much food in the house for the money I spend. After all my family has been threw, I can't begin to tell you how good I feel saving the family money.... I owe to you guys...THANKS.. --David S.

Your couponing class was awesome and started me out with all of the tools I needed to finally make using coupons work for me!  I never really saw the benefit of clipping coupons and really didn't believe it when I heard stories of savvy couponers saving huge amounts of money--but now I do!!  I attended your very first class, and you guys were so much fun!  You were able to really make clear some of the tricks of the trade that I never before understood.  I left your class very inspired, got my binder and started clipping.  It took some time and effort but after just a few shopping trips I really started to see a big drop in my weekly spending at the grocery store.  I have been able to use your blog and your tips to start stocking up and saving big.  My biggest couponing victory?  Using what I learned from you guys I took full advantage of Harris Teeter's super coupon week, and between sales, coupons and catalinas I saved HUGE!!  My total receipts for the week were $906 and my out of pocket was $156!  My cupboards are full and so is my wallet--what could be better than that?  Thank you!!!  Heather, Brooke and Hip to Clip Coupons rock!! --Jill J.

Although I had used coupons in the past, this class provided useful insights and motivation. I learned secrets about couponing that I would not have otherwise known, and the results have been great. I'm getting deals that I never knew were possible. The class completely changed the way that I shop, and knowing what I now know about couponing, I can never go back! Thank you, It's Hip to Clip Coupons, it was well worth it.--Lindsay H.

I recently had four prescriptions to fill. After attending your class I wanted to fill them at a pharmacy that would reward ME. I couldn't find any coupons for gift cards if I transferred a prescription or purchased a new one. I also learned in your class that it doesn't hurt to ask. So I shopped pharmacies. Target wouldn't help, Walgreen's would help but Rite Aid did! I didn't have a coupon but I asked if they had that kind of a promotion going on. The pharmacist was more than happy to help me. So I purchased four prescriptions for $38 and received four $25 gift cards. I got paid $62 to buy my medicine! Thanks for sharing your fabulous ideas. --Brooke S.

BrookeThanks for answering my questions. That really helps. So, I thought I would update you on my couponing success.I bought my binder, got organized and made my list. I made it simple with just a couple items. My biggest success - I got Osteo Bi-Flex joint supplement, regular price $16.99, for $0.25! It was the perfect storm of couponing! It was on sale BOGO, then I had a catalina for $3.00 off and I had a mnfcr coupon for $5.00 off. . . . It was pretty awesome! So, I paid $0.25 for it. when I checked out it gave me another catalina for another $3.00 off osteo bi-flex, so I'm going back today to get another bottle for $5.00.  . . I guess I am a bit excited about my deal and wanted to share! --Erin N.

I am so grateful to Heather and Brooke for teaching me all of their coupon/shopping tips!! AND, so is my husband! I never realized how much money could be saved by smart shopping and smart couponing!! My grocery bill has been cut by at least $100/week now!!! Thank you!!! --Suzanne M.

Thank you soooo much for the class tonight. You gals were awesome. It was great learning some of your top secrets! Hopefully I will be able to make better progress now. Let me know if you find the coupon fairy, just in case I fail. :) Thanks again for putting it all together.   --Ginger T.

I wanted to thank you for all your encouraging words a few weeks back.  Today I took a real stab at couponing!  Like you said I picked one store, Safeway, and learned the policy and deals.  I clipped coupons directly to my club card, plus coupons found in their weekly circular and my clipped coupons.  Also this week they are running a promotion if you buy 8 or more of specific products (MANY to choose from and can mix and match) you get additional .50 off.  I think my best buy was Febreeze for .29 and 4 boxes of fruit chews for 2.98.  I've always like shopping, but I now feel like I have a manageable way to save money.  --Jennifer P.

I have been meaning to write to you ever since the class that my friend, Robin, and I attended on June 13.  Thanks so much for all of the great couponing tips and the extra inserts. Yesterday I made my first trip to Harris Teeter (spent $32 saved $73 using coupons). Again, thanks so much for the wonderful class. -- Katherine F.
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