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Friday, August 13, 2010


Many of you attended another one of our popular "Hip to Clip Coupon" Classes last night. We hope you have headed out today to give your new skills a try. Here are a few suggestions to be sure all of your hard work pays off...especially after all of your clipping, organizing, matching and shopping!

Our suggestion is to always have an idea of what you think your total will be before checking out. Prior to checking out we always count how many coupons we are using so that we know if they are all scanned. It is extremely important to pay attention during your checkout. We watch as each item is scanned to be sure that it is the correct price and as every coupon is scanned to see that it is removed from our total (and doubles if applicable).

What we have found (the hard way) is that if you are not very aware during check out than all of your hard work may be for nothing. Often a cashier can look like the coupons are being used when they may not. We have found that in particular when you are using a large number of coupons that they may stick together or a cashier may skip some. Be sure you are not over your 20 coupon limit (at Harris Teeter), they will not double after you reach that number. Also, if a coupon beeps then the cashier will have to manually enter or override it and often they don’t. When you hear a beep, your coupon has not gone through!

As a final check, look over your receipt and go through and mark where we got each coupon taken off our receipts as well as to double check that we got the correct prices for sale items.

It is easy to get distracted when shopping with a child or when someone strikes up a conversation during your checkout. It is much easier to fix a problem while checking out then afterwards at the customer service desk. Keep focused!

Now go and shop!

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