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Friday, August 27, 2010

Library DVD Rentals: A "Hip" Way to Rent Movies

Did you know that many libraries around the country carry new release DVDs? I always checked movies out from the library when we lived in Las Vegas. And the Prince William County Library System, here in Northern Virginia, has a huge selection of classic films, children's movies, as well as new releases. About once a month I go to Redbox and find out what movies have been released to DVD. I then go to the PWC Library online catalog and find out what new movies the library has available. I place a request and then pick up the movie for FREE when my movie comes in. I also enjoy that I get to keep the movie for an entire week and don't have to return it the next day. And if I'm a day late it only costs me 10 cents. That's much better than the Redbox late fee. I also like to check out new movies for my kids to watch when we will be travelling. Tomorrow we're heading down to Virginia Beach and my boys will be watching Pirate Sheep and 101 Dalmatians courtesy of the library.

As of September 1st, PWC Library System will be placing a 25 cent fee on all requested items. That's a bummer, but it's still 75% off the Redbox rental price.

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