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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Stock up on Kelloggs!

There is a great deal going on at Harris Teeter right now! Here is what we want you to do:

Go to the cereal aisle. There you will find that...

All Kellogg's cereal, Nutrigrain bars and Poptarts are 50% off!

Now open your coupon binders to the page that contains all of the above mentioned items (Don't have a binder? Don't have coupons? Don't know what I am talking about. Well...Attend one of our classes and we will tell you all about these items and MUCH MORE!)

Buy any combination of 10 that suits your taste buds and fits your coupons. And by the way, you can also by Sunshine Products, Eggo waffles or any Kellogg products...we just like the 50% off deal.

When you check out, they will give you a coupon for $10 off your next order (if you have purchased 10 Kellogg's items or other as stated above).

Hang on...this deal doesn't end quite yet. On specially marked boxes of cereal and nutrigrain bars they have another opportunity to receive free stuff. If you like movies, concessions at the movies, t-shirts or other Disney goodies, buy those boxes that mention this deal.

click here for more information on the Buzz Light Year promotion
Wait! There is more! The Poptart boxes also are giving away free movies (and other free stuff). Be sure to grab those boxes displaying the promotion when you are stockpiling!

click here for pop tarts promotion
Go out and make us proud (don't forget to tell us about it)!
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