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Friday, September 10, 2010

60 Day FREE TRIAL Membership to BJ's

I live near a Costco. Yes, I have a membership. And no, I don't think I save that much by having one. I don't like the fact that it's hard to spend less than $100 on a simple Costco run. We're actually considering cancelling our membership. I have found that I actually get things a lot cheaper at grocery stores when I use coupons then when I buy in bulk at Costco. However, I DO love Costco around the holidays. I LOVE their Halloween costumes and I LOVE their pumpkin pie.

I've never been to a BJ's. It's a further drive than Costco, so I just didn't see the point. And who needs TWO memberships to these type of establishments? Well I do, if it's FREE. If you print out this coupon you get a free 60-day membership. Please note that the coupon is good for new members only.

Plus, and I just LOVE this, BJ’s ACCEPTS manufacturer’s coupons! I wish Costco would do that. They should. To learn more about BJ’s coupon policy watch this.

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