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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Always Search For Coupon Codes

So I've spent the last few days making a Picaboo Photo Book. I think I spent eight hours, just yesterday, on creating a book about our visit to Grandma and Grandpa's farm in Moses Lake, Washington. It's taken a lot of time. I worked around the clock so that I could take advantage of the free book offer we had mentioned. At 11 o'clock I was finally finished. I was thrilled! I'd made it just in time! Then I went to pay for my book. My large 88 page leather bound book came to a whopping $175.31. I also needed to order a book as a gift for Grandma and Grandpa. That added an extra $87.31 to my order. Then there was another $10.99 tacked on for shipping. My total came to $273.62--yikes! Then I applied the free book code to take $39.99 off and I applied the Groupon I purchased for $25, which took another $100 off my total. I now owed $133.62. That was better.

$273.62 (two books plus shipping) - $39.99 (free book offer) - $100 (groupon costing me $25) = $133.62

If you add the price I paid for the Groupon ($25) I would pay $158.62. That was a 43% savings.

I still wasn't happy with my purchase price so I decided to do a search for a Picaboo coupon code. The best code I could find was for 50% off an entire purchase. I was elated. Here was my new price:

$273.62 (two books plus shipping) - $131.31 (50% off code) - $100 (groupon costing me $25) = $42.31

If you add the price I paid for the Groupon ($25) I would pay $67.31. That was a 76% savings.

Now that was a price I was willing to pay.

So, if you're going to purchase something online. Always do a quick search for a coupon code. Even if you already have a code, it may not be the BEST code out there. Just type what you're looking for into the search engine. I typed in 'picaboo photo book coupon code'. This will generate a list of pages offering codes. You never know what codes you'll find where so I always search around the different pages that pop up. Retail Me Not and Coupon Cabin are two of my favorite sites that offer many codes, but last night I pulled my code from Photo Print Reviews.  You just never know where a great coupon code will show up, but it's definitely worth the search.

1 comment:

Heather said...

I just did that for Ashton's Chuck-E-Cheese Birthday party today. I started with the newspaper coupons, searched more and found a better deal on their website and then went to Retail Me Not and found an even better deal:

3 Large Pizzas
12 drinks
800 tokens
600 free tickets

$120 total for 20 kid birthday party!

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