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Monday, September 20, 2010

Another Successful Shopping Trip

One could say my second home has been Harris Teeter this week. But as Brooke and I teach at our class, we are "stockpiling" and will most likely not be seen there for awhile (unless we are picking up milk or bread). Our husbands rarely say, "Honey, we need more mayonnaise!" or "We are out of oatmeal (wait, my husband would never say that)!" We are always stocked and ready to prepare our meals, wash our clothes and clean our homes...for next to nothing. We are never worried in times of severe weather...we are always "stocked."

We hear this comment sometimes, "But we don't eat that!" or "Anything healthy on your shopping trip?"

We not only find healthy items (and I NEVER have said, I don't like chocolate or ice-cream) we find them for LOW prices or even free! We take advantage of items such as Pillsbury Biscuits or Hamburger helper to pay us! This week is a perfect example of how that works. Let me share some tips:

This week at Harris Teeter if you buy 20 General Mills items you automatically get $6 off your bill. So we have found some free (and almost free) items that are manufactured by General Mills and count towards those 20 items (Harris Teeter has them listed in their flier which you can pick up at the store. And then we immediately get $6 off when we check out for other items such as milk, produce or bread. AND then we take other deals such as buy 4 Deer Park waters and get $3 off for our next shopping trip. The deals go on and on.

We teach all of these tricks of the trade in our class. It's easy to save 50% (and you will after you come to our class) but why not reach for the stars and go for FREE!
Look closely at my latest shopping trip. You will find the following items:
4- 8 packs of water (received $3 off my next shopping trip)
2 vegetable trays
1 bag of apples
1 bag of lemons
1 freshly cut container of carrots
1 freshly cut container of green peppers
1 container of mushrooms
2 fresh boxes of Edamame
1 garlic
6 packages of taco seasoning (received $3 off my next meat purchase)
6 Pillsbury Biscuits (received $3 off my next shopping trip)
6 boxes of Tuna Helper (received $3 off my next meat purchase)
6 boxes of Scalloped Potatoes
6 cans of Light Progresso Soup
1 gallon of Deer Park Water
1 bottle of hair spray
2 Willy Wonka Candy Bars
2 boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch (because I did purchase 20 General Mills items, I did receive $6 off my order instantly)
My total Out of Pocket (or OOP) was $10.24. I received $9 off my next shopping trip so I am actually only out $1.24.
Can we teach you?! We would love it! And why not sign up now and receive a free ticket to Cox Farm?

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