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Friday, September 3, 2010

It's Like Losing $223.65 (What a Bummer!)

I just returned from Target and Harris Teeter. This is a completely normal shopping trip, no triples or super doubles, just a regular old run to the grocery store. Here's how I did:

Target: spent $38.62 and saved $97.80!

That's a savings of 61%

Harris Teeter: spent $40.97 and saved $125.85!

That's a savings of 68%

If I lost $223.65 I'd be sick to my stomach--that's how much I SAVED today.

I'd be backtracking all over the place trying to figure out when and where I lost my money and thinking of all the things that that money could have bought. Wouldn't you?

Not using coupons IS essentially losing money.

Have you ever thought about that? Quit throwing your money away, start using coupons.


Milkshake Baby said...

What were your purchases?

Brooke said...

Good question. These are the things I can remember off the top of my head:

I stocked up on oatmeal. I bought 15 boxes. Target has a buy 4 get one free deal and I had a $1 off coupon for each box. I purchased a lot of $6 a pack gourment hot dogs for less than $1.50 a pack. We have a big cookout with friends coming up. I bought cantaloupes (BOGO),lots of frozen veggies (BOGO), 10 things of cheese: 2 shredded (BOGO), 4 sliced cheese products for 69 cents--regulary $4.29, and 4 cream cheese(I used two of the $5 cheese coupons), a blue crab gourmet dip from the seafood counter for my hubby, hot dog buns, a loaf of bread, butter (FREE), 4 mini pizzas from the deli section for my kiddos, garlic, bananas, 3 jimmy dean sausage crumbles for my kids omelets,3 packets of lunch meat, gourment blueberry/chicken breakfast sausages to go with the omelets, 2 boxes of nilla wafers for a gazillion little cheesecakes I need to make (hence the cream cheese purchase), yogurt, milk

I know there's more, but those are the things I can think of right off the bat.

Milkshake Baby said...

That's great! Your purchases seem mostly healthy! And that's VERY inspirational. Thanks!

Brooke said...

I'm prediabetic so I'm very careful with what I feed my family. A lot of people assume that junk food is the only food that works with coupon shooping, but that's just not the case. There are coupons for eggs, bread, butter, frozen veggies, yogurt . . .

And, by the way, the oatmeal was all the lower sugar variety. :)

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