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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Weekly Run to Harris Teeter: spent $33.97 saved $61.47

I made a quick trip to Harris Teeter to pick up a few essentials. I spent $33.97, but saved $61.47. I only used 11 coupons. Here's a breakdown:

I needed milk and fruit. I spent exactly $20 on 4 gallons of milk ($2.49 each), 4 lemons, 2 pints of strawberries (BOGO), and 2 bunches of bananas (49 cents a pound).

I went ahead and bought the meal deal for $6.45--I had a $1.50 coupon off the Contessa meal. I normally would not have bought the Contessa meal, but with the freebies it made it worthwhile.

These items were FREE with purchase of the Contessa meal:
2 liter Pepsi product (my son was elated that he got to choose a soda for his upcoming birthday party)
wonton soup (quick lunch for me on a busy day)
4-pack egg rolls (quick lunch for Mr. T to take to work)
Success Rice (good stockpiling item)

The rest of the money, that I spent, ($6.50) went toward the following items.

2 cans of olives (value $4.89--paid 90 cents each) used 2 coupons

15 cans of corn ( value $13.35--paid 36 cents each ) B2/G3 FREE I bought these to stockpile

1 can of sauerkraut (value $1.35--paid 86 cents) If you're wondering about the sauerkraut. . . I make a mean Reuben dip 

1 bag of hot dog buns (value $1.49--paid 99 cents) needed for weekly meal

1 bag of hamburger buns (value $1.49--paid 99 cents) needed for weekly meal

4 boxes of Texas Toast (value $15.00--paid  80 cents a box) I used 4 coupons (soup season is approaching and this will be a fun treat, that I normally don't buy, for the kids)

4 YoCrunch yogurt 4-packs (12 yogurts) (value $9.52--paid 50 cents a 4-pack/13 cents a yogurt) used 4 coupons (my kids thought they'd died and gone to Heaven choosing these)

I used a $10 Catalina and paid $1.02 in tax.

Not bad. How much did you save today? Do you want to start shopping this way--the SMART way? Come to our class tomorrow and start saving by Friday.

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