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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Come Learn the Art of the Coupon

I love to plan out my grocery list as much as the next savvy shopper. But on occasion, how many of us need to make a quick grocery run to pick up a few extra items? Yep...we all do. We go in for a head of lettuce and end up throwing in a few extra items thus making our $2 purchase a now a whoppin' $30.

Don't despair. Not only do we teach you how to use coupons to their greatest value but we also teach you other ways to save.

Take today for instance. I needed that head of lettuce. I spotted some other dandy deals and saw my grocery cart filling as I made my way to check out.

But I wasn't worried. Remember last week's General Mills Catalina deal? I ended up getting $175 worth of them! So today, I purchased $35 dollars worth of groceries, used one 80 cent coupon (my 40 cent doubled of course) and paid only $4.25!

I purchased:

1 head of lettuce
2 cans of tomato soup
1 can of pumpkin
2 packages of stew meat
1 package of hamburger
2 packages of English Muffins
2 bunches of bananas
12 ears of packaged fresh corn
a tomato

I seriously only spent $4.25! One package of meat would cost $4.25 easy.

If I hadn't taken advantage of last week's amazing GM deal I would have spent $34.25.

There are times I do need to just run to the store and buy various items that may or may not be on sale...I may or may not have a coupon...

(This doesn't happen that often because in our Hip To Clip Coupons Classes we teach you to plan ahead by stockpiling items on sale and then combine those sales with manufacturer coupons.)

But when I do need a head of lettuce (and end up throwing in some other goodies), I am prepared.

You see, saving big isn't always as easy as a clip here and a clip there...'s an art.

By combining just the right brush stroke here and blending just the right colors together masterpieces are created.

Come Learn the Art of the Coupon

We just happen to have two classes next week...

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