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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Coupon Clippers Unite...Is this How Much We Should Save?

Save money by using a smaller shopping this the solution?

We were recently featured in a local newspaper article showcasing our "mad shopping" skills and our popular coupon classes. We love sharing what we have learned with others. We have helped many people learn the art of extreme couponing. The article highlighted some of our best shopping experiences. One of these examples was Brooke's shopping trip where upon checking out, the store paid her $14 and she left with a cart filled with groceries. Another example was when $200 worth of groceries were purchased for less than a dollar.

It was really a great article...for some...but not for Mr. S from Catlett, Va.

Mr. S wrote a letter to the editor of the Fauquier Times-Democrat this week claiming that coupon users lack, "integrity and honesty." He questions how couponing can "line up with God's instruction for living." His letter states concern for the grocery stores and calls the savvy shopper unethical.

As Christians, (yes, Mr. S., we are), we do believe in being all we do...even while grocery shopping.

To Mr. S's credit, he is not opposed to couponing--in moderation. He feels that saving too much money (whatever percentage that may be) is an "unjust advantage of the grocery store." He thinks we are not teaching our classes "in a way that reflects honesty and justice of what the grocery stores really owes us."

Really? What does the grocery store owe us? Aren't they there for us? Are we not the consumer? We don't write their sales ads. We don't manufacturer our own coupons. In our classes and on our blog we state store coupon policies. We don't fight against policies, we follow them. Is it wrong to use a coupon that is provided by a manufacturer in conjunction with a sale, even if the item is free? Of course not. That is simply smart shopping.

Our questions are these, "How much can we save?" What amount is too much? Maybe stores should provide smaller shopping carts? Then we couldn't save so much. But then again, we wouldn't be spending much either. You choose, come to one of our classes and learn the secrets to saving big or follow Mr. S's advice and don't save much at all.

If you would like to respond to Mr. S's coupon criticisms, you can contact the editor here.
We did.
If you are interested in reading the entire letter, we will publish it as soon as it is made available online. It was written in the Wednesday October 13th edition of the Fauquier Times- Democrat.

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