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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Free 2011 Oriental Trading Calendar

Keeping my five children's schedules straight is like playing a game of Twister. One child needs to "move his left foot to the blue spot" while the other is required to "place her right hand on the yellow." As we all "twist" ourselves into our various locations, tumbling down is inevitable. My husband and I do our best to organize this constant game of "taxi twister," there are some days we end up a big twisted mess.

So when I saw this free calendar, I was totally on board. I have a desk calendar that is stocked with so many appointments, I can barely decipher what I need to do each day.

Problem solved, the kids are getting their own...thanks Oriental Trading!

Simple click here and a free 2011 calendar will be sent to your home. No fees whatsoever! And if you are afraid to send for something fearing your email account will be bombarded by "spam," just click on the small box that says, "I don't want anything sent to me."
This deal ends on October 31st!

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