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Monday, October 25, 2010

Gentle Touch Chiropractic

Do you have an ache or pain that just won't go away? I use to, until I found Dr. Hockstra. I have been going to him for 3 years now. As a runner, I have had every type of injury from plantar fasciitis , middle back pain, lower back pain, upper back pain, pains in my neck (no, not from my kids), shin splints, hamstring aches, quad pain, behind the knee pain
...see it never ends...


He is one of those doctors that treats you like a friend...hey wait...he actually is my friend (right Dr. Hockstra:)?
And he will be yours too, he is that good.

Anyway, I digress.
He is an expert in A.R.T or Active Release Therapy. I have asked him why he named his practice "Gentle Touch" when no such thing takes place at our visits. It hurts!
But whatever he does, I am always better.

If you would like to go see my friend,
It really works.

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