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Friday, October 15, 2010

Thank You Dear Coupons...Come Learn the "ART."

With corded phones, TV's with 4 channels and typewriters are things of the past, many believe coupons are too...

But friends, they are not.

The simple 50 cent coupon is only the beginning to your savings. It is really just step one in the money saving cycle.

And just as computers have replaced the typewriter (yet one can still use one, it is just totally inefficient) coupons too have become advanced!

"These aren't Your Grandmother's Coupons!"

With "doubles and triples," super doubles, BOGO, B2G3, Catalinas, Printables, Peelies, Pullies...
one can become overwhelmed...and chose to save nothing!

Stores want your business, so they are offering huge incentives to shop. Walking in to any one store with your 50 cents off an item won't save you much money (just as a typewriter will NOT save you time).
I just want to take the time to "thank the coupons." There, I had my peace.

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