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Sunday, October 17, 2010

We Love our Harris Teeter Managers

I shop a lot at Harris Teeter. There are some weeks when I frequent the Gainesville, VA Harris Teeter multiple times per week. Sadly, sometimes I don't need any food at all b/c of all of the stockpiling I have done, so I have no need to make a "HT Run." Boo.

I know that store like the back of my hand. I know where to find almost anything. I like that. It makes my shopping experience quite fabulous.

But you know what really makes my shopping the best?! The managers at Harris Teeter! I took my friend along for a General Mills shopping trip last week. I had Renee immediately give me a wave as she was checking someone out. She then called me over to tell me about a great deal they were having. The produce lady, the butcher (and the candlestick maker), the pharmacist all called me by name, saying hello. My friend thought it was weird. I thought it was wonderful.

When something goes wrong, they fix it. When something goes right, I tell them. This weekend I called HT cooperate office to pay my compliments to Renee. I want her to go far with Harris Teeter b/c she really puts the customers first. Have you called HT to pass on the love?

If you want to click here.

The blessed Thanksgiving season is upon us. Let's be sure to show how thankful we are for those around us! Our families, our friends (Brooke...thanks for being the best hip to clip coupon partner ever), teachers, neighbors, and those we see often at Harris Teeter (and other places we frequent around town).

You think it might make their day...try seeing how great it makes your day!

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