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Monday, November 1, 2010

50% off Agoo Apparel for Children ($5 credit available)

Eversave if offering 50% off Agoo Apparel. I've mentioned Agoo in the past. Their leggings are just dreamy, not to mention practical, at this time of year. For the next two days, for $15, you can get a $30 voucher to Agoo from Eversave. But wait, if this is your first purchase with Eversave you get a $5 credit! So this deal would really only cost you $10! That means if you're an Agoo legging fan you can order two pairs of leggings for $10 shipped! You would just buy two leggings for $20 and then use the rest toward shipping. This deal will not be able to use for 2 days after purchase--so you'll have to wait a few days before placing your order. And I'm thrilled that you can use your credit toward shipping--you know how I feel about shipping costs.

Here's the fine print:
Voucher Expires: Apr 1, 2011•Coupon Code available 2 days after purchase at 12:00:PM EST •May buy up to 5 Saves for family, friends, gifts or repeat purchases•Use one coupon code per purchaseCoupon code may be used toward shipping•$8.00 flat-rate shipping. Free shipping on orders over $50

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