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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

FREE items at Harris Teeter 11/3

I spent 50 cents and saved $49.52. Here's what I got for FREE today:

6 cans of Bush's Baked Beans
9 Del Monte Fruit Smoothie Mixes
4 boxes of Pillsbury Brownies
2 tic tacs

paid 49 cents for:
1 box of Krusteaz boxed cookie mix


Marie said...

Hello, $.50 is amazing!
I went to HT last night and spent $16 on a $45 bill. I noticed that my HT (Hoadly) did not allow me to make money. For example the mentos... priced at $1.50 if I have a $1 coupon doubled I should make $.50 on the transaction. HT only doubles to make the item free not crediting my total bill. Do you actually use $49ish worth of coupons or is your store allowing a credit to build to be able to walk away paying $.50? if so what HT do you shop at?

Brooke said...


There is not usually an overage on coupons at Harris Teeter. For example the Del Monte Smoothies were on sale for $1.29. My coupons were for $1 off one, but the register only took $1.29 off--not $2. If they had I would have made 81 cents on each! That would have been sweet. Sometimes overage occurs, but I never count on it. All of the coupons I used yesterday made the items completely FREE! The only one that didn't make the item free was the Krusteaz cookie mix coupon. That's why I only paid 50 cents.

We always shop at the HT on 29. It's the closest to our homes. I hope this helps.

Marie said...

Thanks for the response! I will have to keep practicing to achieve your level of coupon skills!
Love your blog!

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