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Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's All Pocket Change...Harris Teeter Run #2

Today's trip to Harris Teeter was delightful. I was pleased to purchase some fabulous food today:

3 packs of lunch meat
6 cans of soup
huge bag of mushrooms
head of lettuce
2 packages of a pre-made Santa-Fe Salad kit (chopped up tomatoes, corn, onions and tortilla strips
2 Bottles of Fuze (I LOVE this drink)
5 boxes of spaghetti
4 cans of Pringles
1 bottle of NyQuil
1 huge bag of Ricola (are we ready for flu season or what?)
Box of Celestial Seasonings Herbal Tea
2 Nivea Lip Conditioners (LOVE THESE)
2 boxes of Pillsbury Brownies
1 more container of Mentos Gum (seriously, I could open a Mentos Store)
2 7th Generation Cleaners (these smell delightful)
AND MY FREE Renuzit (got 2)

Total for these items before coupons: $71.02

After reaching into my pocket (for some change), I paid a grand total of .67 cents.

Doesn't it make "cents" to come to one of our classes and start getting rid of some of your extra change?!

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