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Monday, November 29, 2010

Merrifield Garden Center Santa

Our great friend Robyn let us in on this sweet deal. Thanks, Robyn!

Merrifield Garden Center has the BEST Santa! Not only is it FREE to visit with him, but you can take as many of YOUR OWN pictures as you'd like!

We took the kids to visit with Santa on Saturday night at Merrifield Garden Center in Gainesville. We waited about 15 or 20 minutes and then spent 20 minutes with Santa! Sometimes it works out great to be the last in line. Santa was wonderful. He knew how old each child was and engaged both boys in wonderful conversations about helping others and being kind to everyone. The only downside was that when he asked my three year old what he wanted for Christmas and he kindly mentioned a cowboy hat, belt and gun that Santa told him that he would definitely not bring him a gun and that Santa did not like guns. In my opinion Santa needs to keep personal ideas about toys to himself. Other than the fact that he momentarily crushed my sweet three year old's cowboy dreams, we had a great time.

Go here to find out when Santa will be visiting a Merrifield Garden Center (in Merrifield, Fairfax, and Gainesville, VA) near you.

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