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Monday, November 8, 2010

Mondays with Nonnie: Kings Have Manners

If your dinner table is anything like mine you spend most of the time
trying to convince your child to eat one more bite or breaking up an
argument. I knew this was not the "special family time" I'd heard so
much about in either the books I'd read on parenting or even my own
experience growing up. Something had to change. I know that my kids
learn best by doing and they do their best when given incentive. I
came across an interesting idea in Family Fun magazine and decided to
put my own twist on it using my Emily Post etiquette book from a class
I taught on the subject a few years ago. Here is the
result....(picture)...please excuse the smudge from dirty little

Once the kids earn all the napkin colors (kept in envelopes in a
drawer next to the table) they get to choose dinner. Sterling just
needs one more napkin and he has requested Banana Splits (the rule is
you have to choose a dinner that covers the food groups. He suggested
we add nuts and we're as good as there:)!

Enjoy this little idea and have fun putting your own twist on it!
Bon Appetite!

1 comment:

Brady Fam said...

I like that mommy and daddy is assigned and not just assumed. Great manner method! I like that u r willing to make 'their' meal.

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