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Friday, December 31, 2010

Get Ready Hip to Clippers!

Many of you ask Brooke and I how we end up with grocery transactions at negative balances during the big super doubles.  After collecting the coupons that combine with the store's sales it always helps to have other money "tucked" away in the way of Catalinas or other manufacturer deals that run such as the current Proctor and Gamble Dealio:  Buy $40 in listed products, mix or match, get $10 off your next purchase (it is per transaction but you can receive more $10 off next purchase if you buy more...there is a list in the circular).

Yesterday I stockpiled a bunch of hair products (Pantene and Herbal Essence) and Olay skin care and received $10 off my next order.

Today I stockpiled Tide, Downy, toilet paper and some more hair care products.  My total before coupons and Evic deals was well over $100.  After all Evic deals, coupons (including a $20 off $50) and yesterday's $10 off my next transaction, I paid only $17 out of pocket for all of the pictured items.

And...I have another $10 off my next order.  I plan on heading to Harris Teeter one more time before Tuesday to get some more toilet paper, paper towels and a few other items on the list of Proctor Gamble items.

When you plan ahead, you save more...

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