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Friday, December 3, 2010

Have You Signed Up for Swag Bucks Yet?

In mid-November I finally joined Swag Bucks. Since then I've already earned 779 points! I'm love that I am earning points by doing something I was already doing in the first place!

Never heard of Swag Bucks? Here's what it's all about:

Swag Bucks is basically an online search engine that rewards you with virtual bucks just for simply searching the web the way you would normally. Those Swag Bucks go into your online account and can be redeemed for gift cards to a variety of places like Amazon or for slew of other prizes.

It is simple and fast to sign up for your own Swag Bucks account. It takes about a minute and is completely FREE to sign up for. They don’t even ask for any personal information to register. I added the Swag Bucks toolbar to my computer and use it every time I search the web. It's so easy! Who doesn’t love FREE gift cards? You might as well earn while you search the web!

Go here to sign up for Swag Bucks!

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