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Monday, December 20, 2010

Mondays with Nonnie: My Favorite Things

"...these are a Few of My Favorite Things"  I wasn't going to share this idea since it is one of my cheesier ideas but everyone who has come to my house this Christmas Season has told me how much they love this idea (and one other that I'll save until next week) that I thought I would go ahead and share it!  You already know that I decorate each bedroom door each holiday, however I put a little twist on this holiday's decor.  I decided to wrap each door in "brown paper packaging, tied up with string" know where this is going.  I printed out the words "...These are a few of My Favorite Things.", and put it on their doors.  They know this is one of my favorite Christmas songs and even gave me the Sound of Music box set last Christmas.  What came as a pleasant surprise to me was how they interpreted this idea.  I over heard my son explaining to his friend when he asked him what it was for, "My mom doesn't get many presents so she wrapped up our door like we're her presents.  She always calls us her 'Favorites'."  Merry Christmas! 

With Love, 


Tami said...

I love that! You are an awesome mom with awesome kids! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

That is precious. The brown paper packaging idea opens the door (like that word play?) to a lot of next step ideas... ex: kids can color a picture of their favorite thing for the day; or the strings can separate different areas/categories; or family members can write "love" notes (like you writing a sweet note on your son's door) and draw pictures of something good they saw the person do, etc.

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