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Monday, December 6, 2010

Mondays with Nonnie: Oh Come Let Us Adore Him

On the first Monday of the Christmas Season we kick off the festivities with a special lesson entitled "The Reason for the Season". We then have the kids help us set up an olive wood nativity set I purchased while studying in Jerusalem, we play beautiful Christmas hymns and enjoy some treats after the kids have arranged, and rearranged, the manger scene. Then with the lesson they just received still fresh in their minds we put all their names into a Santa hat and they choose their 'Secret Pal' that they are a 'Secret Pixie' to. They do acts of service and kindness for the weeks leading up to the 'big reveal' on Christmas morning. They get so excited and although some have not been able to hold out until Christmas morning to reveal themselves it is still one of our favorite traditions. It brings me joy to see them treat one another with such love, if only for 25 days :). After the nativity set is up, we are then set to now 'Deck the Halls' as they say. No matter your religious persuasion be it Jewish, Christian, or Muslim we all have our reasons for celebrating this time of year and it gives our children a greater sense of who they are when we pass these beliefs and traditions along to them.

With Love,

1 comment:

Kirsten said...

You are the best! My kids play with our hand made Spanish nativity scene daily. They love it! It is one of the best ideas (there are SO MANY) that I picked up for you! We also just went shopping for thoughtful gifts for the other siblings. This weekend is our "Adopt and Angel" weekend where we pick kids to buy presents for Christmas. Nonnie - you really inspire me! THANKYOU!

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