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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

No More Rack...UPDATE...get FREE Apple Gadgets!

Here is yet another great place to find some GREAT deals! Brooke and I are amazed at the amount of money we are NOT spending this Christmas season!

You can too!

Let me take a moment to tell you about No More Rack.

NoMoreRack is a new site that has just 8 deals on sale for one day only. They are offering a $10 credit for new sign ups. They have $2 flat shipping and your credit can be applied to the shipping.

Deals go LIVE everyday at 12 pm EST!

Now sign up here and start saving!
Nomorerack is having an amazing 48 hour "Share the Secret Deal get Apple Gadgets!" The more friends you get to sign up...the better the apple gadget:
35 friends: ipod shuffle
65 friends: apple tv
100 friends: ipod nano
170 friends: ipod touch
400 friends: ipad
So how many "friends" do you have!?
The greatest part about this deal is they don't even have to purchase something...just sign up! Let me know if any of you get an Apple Gadget!
You need to sign up here to get started!

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