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Sunday, January 9, 2011

CardWoo! Who Knew?!

Last night while watching TV, I saw a commercial for CardWhoo.  At first I thought, it was a pretty dumb idea...they buy the gift cards you don't want and give you cash. I mean, I don't have a bunch of card sitting around I don't want to you?  And if I did, I would rather try out a place I didn't really love instead of getting 50%-90% back in cash...therefore losing some of the value of the card.

I continued to watch and realized they take those gift cards and resell them on their site for a discounted price. Now I like that.  Most gift cards are re-sold at a 5%-15% discount.  Click here to see the list of gift cards for sale.

This morning I checked them out and liked what I saw.  They have appeared on "The View" and have been featured on Fox and ABC news.

Here are the details:

Customers can go online and print a shipping label which they can use to mail in their unwanted gift cards. Or customers call or go online to request a FREE PACK, which they then use to mail in their unwanted gift cards. CardWoo purchases the cards, sending payment promptly. Customers can also use the CardWoo website to purchase gift cards to their favorite merchants at discount prices.

They only buy cards with at least $20.00 on them.

You are welcome to send in as many as you like. They recommend you send no more than 6 gift cards in one package. If you have more than 6 gift cards to send just call or e-mail us and they will assist you.

Card CardWoo pays you a minimum of 50% of the value of your card up to a maximum of 90% for each gift card purchased. Along with your payment you will receive an invoice itemizing exactly what was paid for each card you send in.

If you are unsatisfied with the payment for your cards, simply contact us via e-mail or by phone within 14 days of the date on your check to notify us of your return. You will need to return the check to our offices before we send back your items to you.

Instead of sitting around the house, unused, these cards can now be mailed in and redeemed for cash. 

And if you want a bit more bang for your buck, buy a used gift card!

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