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Friday, January 21, 2011

Getting Fit Friday

I am just about to hit the gym this morning to complete this week's goal of lifting 2 times.  How did you do on your goal?  I didn't hear from any of you...did you set a goal?  Did you complete it? 

If you haven't decided to make a change, it's never too late.  Make this week the first week on your journey to a better you.

Today I want to talk about your calorie intake.  It is no surprise that if you eat less, you will lose more.  3500 calories equals a pound, so if you decrease that number ( are constantly burning calories), even if it is over a few days, a week, a will start to lose weight.

Take a look at what you are eating each day.  If you are having two bowls of cereal, have one (that will cut 300 calories right there).  If have one HUGE bowl, put less cereal in that bowl (or even change to a smaller bowl and fill it to the rim...that makes it feel like you are still eating the same amount). 

If you want a quick burger, get a small one WITHOUT cheese and hold the fries.  Did you know a McDonald's hamburger only has 250 calories?

If you are in the habit of eating after dinner (like most of us), start eating your last meal a little later.  Always drink a tall glass of water before you eat (this will fill you up quickly).  And I always head upstairs (with no snacks around), to watch TV or read before bed.  I do my best to keep away from the kitchen after I have had dinner.

And please don't buy foods that tempt you!  My kids love Doritos (I don't buy them unless it is a special occasion), cookies, ice-cream, Fruit Roll-Ups, etc.  If I buy them, they are gone within two days. Instead I have pretzels, yogurt, and popcorn on hand for their enjoyment.  And when they complain we "have no snacks," I tell them to call Grandma.

I prefer to make cookies (that limits intake and is cheap) or to go out for ice-cream (only McDonald's of course due to low calories and low prices) when we are craving goodies.

By making small changes, you avoid depriving yourself.  I never "diet," I simple try to eat better.  It might take a little bit longer to lose weight but in the long run, you will have an easier time "sticking to it" and keeping your weight off.

Remember the best combination that will actually lead to a lifestyle change is to combine healthier eating with exercise.

I still want to hear from you!  What goal (s) will you be setting this week?

I have two in mind:

I plan on doing Ab/core work 4 days with push-ups (this is in additional to my lifting 2 days and running)

Eating out (I have a lunching problem) only twice.

Next week I am going to see if my friend, Vanessa, who is an AMAZING healthy eater will share her tips (but get ready...I don't think she will mention the words, Dorito or McDonalds).  So get ready to get serious!

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