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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Great Holiday Clearance Finds at Target, Hallmark, and Borders

I stopped over at the Target shopping center to pick up medicine for one of my boys--Sweet T has a major ear infection, poor guy. While wasting time in Target (there was over an hour wait at the pharmacy!) I ran across a great clearance find. The Trumpette too tights are 75% off! I was able to pick up a number of pairs for Little Miss G for next year for only $2 a pair. I also picked a pair for this year. The plain red or the red and white polka dots will be adorable for February! They also have a LOT of Trumpette too shoes and socks listed at 75% off. These items are located in the girls section, not the baby/toddler section. I think that's why they are still available.

Since I had SO much time to kill I ran over to Hallmark to use a $2 coupon that was burning a hole in my pocket. What did I find? Hallmarks's holiday items are FINALLY 75% off! They had a great assortment and I was over the moon when I found the basket of Mudpie items. I love Mudpie bows. And I really love them at 75% off! They also have a number of Mudpie socks available.

And yesterday I discovered that my local Borders has The Elf on the Shelf book on sale for 75% off as well! These book and elf kits are located up front near the register.

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