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Friday, January 7, 2011

Heather's Second Trip to Harris Teeter: Saved $105.84

Not bad...not bad at all. 

3 packs Trident gum
2 Gallon Ziploc
2 Hunts Ketchup
2 24 pack of Crystal Water
1 tube of Crest toothpaste
4 boxes of Tampax
3 packages of Chicken Breast
2 boxes of Weight Watchers Lemon Cakes
2 bags of Tyson Chicken Nuggets
2 boxes of Gorton Shrimp
4 packages of Bird's Eye Frozen Vegis
2 bottles of Tropicano OJ
1 can of Grape Juice
2 4-packs of Dannon Yogurt
2 packages of crab stuffed mushrooms
2 bags of pears

Price before coupons: $134.22

What I paid: $30.38!

Seriously...come to one of our classes and learn the art.  And save for that vacation!

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