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Monday, January 17, 2011

Incredible Prices at Athleta!

I know, I know, I have swimsuits on the brain (I am headed to Hawaii in a few weeks) but I must share the deal I found last night.  I absolutely LOVE Althleta swimsuits...but they are pricey.  I thought I would take a look and was so glad I did!  They have a huge selections of swimsuits at incredible prices.  I actually bought the suit you see pictured above!  How much do you think it was...let me start by telling you the original price for both the top and bottom:


I paid:


I purchased two other suits as well for even less (I got the bubble tie dye suit for $35).

Not only did I get free shipping (for orders over $50) and free returns...I went through my favorite site, EBATES and got 2% cash back!

Now don't think I am crazy for posting about swimsuits...they are already loaded with them at Target.  And we all know that when we wait...we can never find our size when we need it.

So I just thought if you wanted to plan ahead (or go on a little vacation now), you can find some awesome deals...and way cute suits, at Athleta!

Just click here to enter the Ebates site...then type in Athleta and you are set to shop and get cash back!

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