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Monday, January 31, 2011

Mondays with Nonnie: Chore Charts

Chore Charts were like the Holy Grail to me, I was on a quest to find just the right one for our family. I loved looking to see what others had done from extravagant charts to fun and creative activities. I dabbled in a few different ideas and then one day I came across a scripture that completely changed my thinking on the purpose of chore charts it said, "Organize yourselves; prepare every needful thing, and establish a house....a house of order..." That word order jumped out at me and The King Family Order Charts were born. When you turn the ripe old age of 3 in our household you receive your very own Order Chart. The steps start off simple and each year we take them down and add a couple things here and there (they use stickers to decorate and make them fun) then they go back up on the wall outside their bedrooms to keep our home running in an orderly fashion.


Morning Order Chart

~Wake Up Happy

~Make Bed and Say Prayers

~Wash Face and Hands Brush Teeth and Hair

~Get Dressed and Pick up Room

~Lunches and Backpacks Packed

~Eat Breakfast and Make Good Choices

Evening Order Chart

~Wash Hands and Eat Snack


~Piano and Cello Practice

~Free Time

~Clean Up

~Dinner (each night a different child has their responsibilities with dinner, they need to complete their night)

~Bedtime routine (washing, brushing, changing:)

~Family Scriptures and Prayer

(my husband or I will then read to them on a individual basis or if we are working on a chapter book we'll read to them in the hallway connecting their rooms.)

When they were younger they would move their little guy (a lamented sticker character) from box to box as they completed each task, soon they got the idea and didn't have to move it anymore but they still like keeping their guy up. For each morning they complete their Order Chart they receive a star, likewise, for the evening chart. 14 stars at the end of the week = a treasure hunt after our family meeting on Monday nights. I keep a treasure chest on top of our entertainment center filled with dollar store items. Not every week do they all get something out of the Treasure Chest but you better believe that child who missed out is working hard for the opportunity next week. A couple years ago we added the Gold Super Star Helper option, if you get 7 gold stars you receive a late night with mom and dad. They choose the activity.

"We made these Order Charts. It was fun you should make one too!" Morgan King (age 6)

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