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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Priceline: I actually saved 60% on our hotel!

Slowly but surely, I am searching for the best deals I can find as I plan all of the details of our trip to Hawaii in a few weeks.

When booking flights, car or hotel...don't go directly to a site such as travelocity or priceline and make your purchase...check them all out!  And you will rarely find the best deal when you go directly to the companies site (such as Alamo or Marriott).  Before you stop anywhere...make sure your deal is the sweetest it can be...always take a quick look at RetailMeNot or as you know MY personal favorite, Ebates.

Let me get back to sharing the hotel deal I found in Waikiki.  I searched site after site trying to see what it would cost us to stay one night right on the beach in Waikiki.  I have a love for fine hotels (don't we all) but paying top dollar isn't an option (and if it was...I don't like the idea of paying anything without finding a deal first).

After researching all of my options, I found that to stay right on the beach, it would cost us around $250.  Yikes. That is a lot of money, especially when our flight arrives late and we have to check out around 11 am (hey..did you know you can always ask for late checkout...I have never been told no...and usually get an hour or two extra).

My husband told me to just book something a few blocks away from the beach...I almost did...but man, I wanted to be snuggled up right on that beach my first night in Hawaii.

Here is what I did:

 I went to EBATES. I clicked on travel to see which sites offered cash back.  I picked the site that had the best percent cash back AND the best deal.  To be honest, they were all about the same: 2% cash back.

I decided to go with Priceline and make my own deal. I haven't used this option for awhile...but thought I would give it a go (and it's actually kind of fun...a bit scary...but fun).  You are required to put in all of your information, including credit card number.  You then pick what type of hotel you want (1 star all the way to 5 star and resort).  They explain what type of hotel you will be getting and the cost of those hotels BUT DO NOT tell you WHICH hotel you are purchasing if they accept your price.  And if they accept your price, your card is immediately charged and you CANNOT change your mind.

I always go super low when I play this game.  Usually they come back and say, "try again sister."  But I was ready to play. 

My first bid was $105 (for a Resort hotel...these hotels promise on the beach accommodations).  They came back and said, "try again, sister."

I decided to stay low and added $10.  I was ready to start bidding again, when my offer was accepted!  We got the hotel for $115.  Now...I was scared...I had no idea what hotel I had just booked.  But then the Sheraton Waikiki came up...I was thrilled!

So not only did we get the hotel for $115, we also got 2% cash back.

Now I must focus on our car rental and flight to I come Ebates!

Wish me luck.

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