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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stop Wasting Your Money!


I was chatting with a friend today about the amount of money she spends on groceries each month for her family of 6.  She told me they easily spent $1200!  I was shocked!

She claimed she didn't purchase those food items that were advertised on the coupons b/c she saved more with store brands (we hear that a lot).  She also said, "I don't understand how a 50 cent coupon saves me that much money!"

After explaining that Brooke and I bought name brand items for at least 50% off...and more often much more than that...or FREE she asked when the next class was being held.  I told her that her shopping days at Wegmans needed to end (seriously people...why are you shopping there?).

And...if she learned our secrets (which we divulge in our classes), she would have an EASY time saving  at least 50% on her monthly grocery bill.  I mean, think about saving $600 every month!  In one year, she would have an extra $7200! 

For a mere $25 (and only $20 if you and a friend sign up) you can save $7200 (or more) a year?!

Stop wasting your money and sign up for our next class!

January 31st in Haymarket from 7-8:30 pm.


Lucy and Co. said...

I would LOVE to come to one of your classes, but they are always on Monday evenings and I teach piano lessons Monday-Wednesday evenings! :o( Any chance you'll do some classes on a Thursday...or a Saturday? Hoping to come...Anne

Heather said...

Anne...we have thought about having a Sat class but thought our hip readers might be too busy over the weekend! We will most definitely try to have our next one on a Thursday/Sat!

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