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Friday, January 28, 2011

Use Swagbucks for FREE Gift Cards!

It's Mega Swag Bucks Friday! When you make your searches through Swagbucks all of today, you'll have a chance at winning higher than average bucks! Be sure to search several times throughout the day today.

So I've told you how I love Swagbucks. Earning Swag Bucks is definitely a strategy! Here are some tips that I have found to work for me:

Add the Swagbucks Toolbar. It is easy to forget to use Swagbucks and the toolbar may be what you need to remember to search though Swagbucks. You can even receive random rewards for having the toolbar!

Refer your friends! This is the easiest way to earn and help your friends out as well!
•Read your Swagbucks emails for codes to earn points.

Type your web addresses into the search box at Swagbucks. I can't tell you how many Swag Bucks I have earned for typing in Google or Gmail.

•Check for other ways to earn under the "Earn" tab at Swagbucks.

This year I am challenging you to use Swagbucks to earn "money" for the holidays. That's what I'm doing!

Here is how to earn the maximum in money for Christmas:
•Search and win through Swagbucks daily

•Redeem your points for gift cards as soon as you have enough (I think that the gift cards for Amazon are the best deal. Don't save your Swagbucks up until Christmas. There are redemption limits and you won't be able to redeem them in time.)

•"Purchase" your gift cards or Amazon e-cards (75% of my Swagbucks go to Amazon)

•Physical Gift Cards will arrive by mail. Save them, or buy your gifts early.

•Amazon e-cards will arrived in your email. Use the e-card code and upload your money to your Amazon account. It will be safe there until you are ready to make your purchases.

If you are not a Swagbucks member, JOIN HERE

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