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Friday, February 4, 2011

Getting Fit Fridays: Form + Function= Smart Training and a Strong Body

Today's tip comes from my dear friend (and amazing athlete), Vanessa.  She currently teaches the popular TRX classes at Balans Studio and has her own health and wellness website. 

Form + Function = Smart Training and a Strong Body

There are numerous components to living a healthy lifestyle; exercise, eating well, and vitamin supplementation just to name a few. Another component that is oftentimes overlooked, especially by women is strength training.

Why strength train? Strength training has numerous benefits, as does all exercise. Combining strength training with Yoga and a variety of cardio workouts is your formula for overall success when it comes to toning, weight loss, balance, flexibility and most importantly overall wellness.

Form is one of the most important elements when it comes to strength training. Form includes controlling the movement, range of motion, and the speed of motion. Controlling a movement means you are taking your time while conducting a specific movement and you are not cheating yourself out of working that targeted muscle group. The range of motion refers to utilizing the full extension while conducting an exercise. This will work all the fibers and portions of the muscle necessary to build strength. The speed of motion refers to the level of speed you use while exercising a particular muscle. The slower you contract the more tension you develop and the more tension equals better results!

It is far more important to perfect your form, which may mean lifting lighter weights, or doing less repititions . Your workout will be more effective and productive. If you do not pay attention to good form, you will get hurt sooner or later despite your best efforts.

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Article contributed by Vanessa Spiller, Certified Nutritionist and Personal Trainer. Vanessa is also certified in the TRX Supsension Strength Training System. Visit her health and wellness website by clicking here!

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