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Sunday, February 6, 2011

How to Get FREE Diapers

Guess what? I just ordered some nighttime diapers for my son and it didn’t cost me a thing! Want to know what I did? Here’s the scoop:

1.A month or so ago I requested a FREE subscription to American Baby Magazine. My magazine came in the mail the other day and it contained a green insert/postcard for 20% off diapers at Amazon.

3.I opted for Subscribe & Save which took an extra 15% off

4.Plus, I’m a member of Amazon Mom so that took an extra 15% off

5.At checkout I added my 20% off coupon from the American Baby magazine and it dropped my total to $11.61!

6.I was able to pay the $11.61 using gift cards that I earned from Swagbucks. I use Swagbucks for everyday things like searching online – which earns me points that I redeem for gift cards!

7.Total out of pocket $0.00!!!! You gotta love that.

This deal will work with any variety of diapers. There are lots of options to choose from – Huggies Snug & Dry diapers, Pampers, and Seventh Generation diapers, too! Here you’ll find Amazon’s diaper page.

Find extra coupons! Look for the February issue of Parenting: The Early Years and the January issue of Fit Pregnancy. They could/should have coupons for either 20% off your Amazon baby store purchase or $10 off your purchase.
(By the way – looks like you can get THREE years of Parenting: The Early Years for only $12 right now over at Amazon – that’s only $3 a year! This subscription will pay for itself in coupons!)

If you decide you don’t want to the diapers automatically shipped the following month (or whenever you selected for the Subscribe & Save), you will want to cancel the Subscribe & Save option in your account. Just don’t cancel this until after your order has shipped.

1 comment:

Wrens said...

Thanks for posting this one - I never would have noticed the coupon in my magazine! And I love cheap diapers!

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