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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

If the Button Fits

"Did two trips at Bloom today, together total came to $159.70, and I spent $1.11 - no joke, one dollar and eleven cents!
And once I got home I noticed I received a $2.00 catalina (quaker's deal). Oh Baby!! Oh Baby, I'm on a high.
I owe it all to you two."
-- Lindsay H.

We LOVE hearing from people who've attended our classes. It's obvious from the email that we received from Lindsey that she has some mad shopping skills! Way to go, Lindsey!!!! WOOT WOOT! I'm so thrilled at her amazing savings today. You just got to love sales that work in conjunction with the coupons you have on hand.

I did some major stockpiling today. I stocked up on Dixie paper plates and bowls as well as Hefty bags (Thanks for the tip, Stephanie!). I also stocked up on a number of things my boys love, but that I don't like to buy, like Chex Mix and Tyson's frozen chicken nuggets.

I ended up spending $34.79 today at Bloom and SAVED $273.76!

Go ahead and call me a crazy coupon lady, I'll wear the label (or button) proudly.

Are you curious what I bought? If so, here's the list:

3 boxes of Jelly Belly Tropical Mix (Did not have coupons for these--for Easter baskets)
2 V8 Butternut Squash soups
2 containers of McCormick Cinnamon spice
1 container of Quaker oatmeal (FREE)
1 package of Kraft Homestyle macaroni and Cheese (FREE)
2 16 oz. jars of Skippy Peanut Butter
2 4-pack containers of Breakstone snack pack cottage cheese
2 4-pack containers of Dannon Light and Fit Yogurt
1 4-pack Activia yogurt (FREE)
2 packages of Kraft American cheese slices
4 blocks of Kraft Cracker Barrel cheese
1 30-count bag of Gorton's fish sticks
7 boxes of Tyson's honey barbecue chicken nuggets anytizers
2 boxes of Tyson's chicken fry anytizers
4 large boxes (20 count) of Jose Ole steak and cheese taquitos
1 Gain (he) laundry detergent
13 packs of large Dixie plates (FREE) stockpiling item
8 packages of Dixie bowls (FREE) stockpiling item
9 packages of small Dixie plates (FREE) stockpiling item
16 bags of Chex Mix (FREE) stockpiling item
5 boxes of gallon size Hefty bags (FREE) stockpiling item
5 boxes of quart size Hefty bags (FREE) stockpiling item

It was fun running into a number of you at Bloom today. We'd love to hear how much YOU saved.

From Stephanie:

10 boxes of Hefty ziplock bags
8 blocks of Cracker Barrel cheese
7 jars of Classico pasta sauce
10 bags of Chex Mix
5 sets of Dixie paper stuffs
2 Quaker old fashion oats
2 boxes Reynolds Slow Cooker liners
2 bottles Kens's Salad dressing
1 Reach dental floss
1 loaf of sandwich bread (didn't have a coupon for this one)

Total: Just over $9

Way to go, Stephanie!

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