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Monday, February 21, 2011

Mondays with Nonnie: Presidents Day

President's Day was not just a day off from school in the Janet and John McKeon household while I was growing up.  We had a special dinner and lesson to pay tribute to the leaders that had paved the way, as well as preserved the ways, of our Great Nation.  I took it up a notch when we moved to the Washington DC area.  The first year we toured George Washington's Mt Vernon, 2nd year was a tour of all the monuments on the Mall, third year we took a break since I was sick and pregnant but watched a documentary on John Adams, the forth year we took a private tour of Thomas Jefferson's Monticello.  It was private in that we were crazy enough to come out on such a snowy day to see Jefferson's home.  The curator told us we came on a day just like the one the Jefferson's arrived on when they first arrived to Monticello, there had been 2 feet of snow.  We thought that was cool until she was radioed to say the tour bus that drove us up to the house couldn't get back up to take us down!  She told us we just might be the first people in history to be snowed in at Monticello!  Finally, they got a truck up to us and all was well.  Right now we are headed to James Madison's Montpelier.  When we return we'll have our Annual President's Dinner, by candle light, eating clam chowder in a bread bowl (Washington's favorite meal), fruit salad (Lincoln's favorite), green peas (Jefferson's favorite), and a cherry cake!  We have some stories to pass around while we eat and a game after we finish!  Happy President's Day! 

With Love,  Nonnie

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