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Monday, February 14, 2011

Mondays with Nonnie: Valentine Family Memory

I can't remember just how and when this particular Valentine Tradition began, but for a girl who has a hard time scrapbooking or keeping up with my family's pictures it has turned out to be a huge blessing.  It's the memory game with a twist.  I take four candid pictures from the previous year of each child along with four of their likes from that year to match up with each child.  For example, I have four pictures from 2010 on cards of my oldest son and have made four cards; one of a chess piece, one of a Harry Potter book, one of a basketball, and another of the amusement park Busch Garden's logo.  I then do the same with each of our other children, luckily, their likes all vary, then I turn the cards all face down (I use doily hearts to decorate the back of the cards and one day I'll laminate them, I just know it!:) and we play the Valentine Memory Game of the people we love.  They love matching up their sibling's picture and knowing what their siblings like as much as discovering what I've put on their match up cards.  Also it is fun to go back and see what they used to like, although my son refuses to believe he ever liked Barney....however, the Valentine Cards don't lie!  Happy Valentine's Day!!

With Love,  Nonnie

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