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Monday, February 14, 2011

Review of The Museum of Crime and Punishment PLUS 53% Off Tickets

 Right now Living Social is offering tickets to The Museum of Crime and Punishment for $10--53% off!

We took our kiddos to this museum in the Fall. Truthfully, I don't know what I was thinking taking a 1, 3, and 5 year to this museum. But seriously, what person in their right mind takes three kids under 6 to any museum? Did I enjoy the museum? Yes, I did--sort of. Would I take my children again? No, I would not. My children were still too young to get the gist of what the museum was truly about--that's a good thing otherwise it would have given them nightmares for a year. It truly is kind of creepy. Ted Bundy's VW Bug is in the lobby. My mom's friend dated Ted Bundy so that kind of creeped me out. It was cool seeing Bonnie and Clyde's car upstairs and I did find myself wishing I could pour over some of the information longer--by myself.

These are the things my 3 and 5 year old LOVED about the museum:
  • the cowboy exhibit (I didn't love that you have to pay to play the gun game)
  • the pirate exhibit
  • crawling through the jail cell escape route
  • getting to sit on the police motorcycle
  • the car chase simulator
  • the gun simulator (my boys love playing with toy guns (sue me), but this was too violent for me)
  • getting to be on TV in the America's Most Wanted section
  • getting the free handcuffs that came with our tickets
I would not recommend this museum to anyone under 16. There are a lot of pictures involving death (mostly all black and white) and the premise is just plain out creepy. I mean who takes their children to a museum filled with pictures of serial killers. I guess we did, but we won't be making that mistake again. And thank goodness they were young enough to not understand at all!

If you'd like to visit the Museum of Crime and Punishment I recommend purchasing discounted tickets. The museum is not very large and the regular price is steep. Go HERE to get your tickets at 53% off.

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