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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

50% Off Great Personalized Gifts from Flatten Me and Lima Bean Kids

Mamapedia and Zulily are each offering great personalized gifts today. I received a Christmas picture book with my name typed into the pages when I was in preschool--a LONG time ago. I still love looking through that book and now sharing that book with my own children each holiday season.

Mamapedia is offer Flatten Me books for 50% off! For $14 you'll get to make a wonderful keepsake book featuring a child or adult. Visit Mamapedia to purchase your Flatten me voucher at 50% off.

Zulily is offering personalized plates from Lima Bean Kids. For $12.99 you can personalize a plate with a name of your choice. There are a number of vibrant and adorable plates to choose from. My oldest received a personalized plate a few years back and he still loves eating on it.

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