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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

80% Off Certificates 3/9 - 3/14

SWEET! Once again, is offering dining certificates for 80% off! Just enter code: SAVE at checkout.

Here’s how it works:

1.Visit and enter the zip code for where you want to dine.

2.Browse the restaurants in your area

3.You pick the restaurants you want and add them to your cart

4.You enter the code MEAL at checkout, to save 80% on your total! ($25 gift certificates normally sell for $10 on, so 80% off that is only $2)

5.After you’ve purchased your gift certificates they just hang out in your account until you print them and you want to use them. They last an entire year. So you can print them when you buy them or print them as you use them, your choice. Print out the certificate, bring it to the restaurant and give it to your server.

6.Read the small print for your restaurant. Most require a $35 purchase and an 18% gratuity on the original bill total (which you really should be paying anyway).
Here’s a dining scenario:

Spend $35 on dinner – $25 gift certificate = $10

PLUS 18% gratuity on $35 = +$6.35

TOTAL out of pocket at restaurant = $16.35

PLUS the $2 you paid for the gift card = $18.35 for a $42 meal (that includes a $7 tip!)
So it’s not a bad deal, especially if you are going to be eating out anyway.

Our family uses these a lot! If you aren’t sure if your favorite restaurants apply, you can visit and search by zip code to find out which restaurants participate. You’d be surprised – not many corporate restaurants, but really more of the mom-and-pop restaurants in your community.

Read the fine print for each restaurant, as it can vary slightly. If a restaurant is sold out, check back at the beginning of the month. Check it out!

Want to save even more? Of course you do! If you go through the  you’ll get 30% cash back from your purchases! That means you’ll end up paying only $1.40 (after cash back) for each $25 gift certificate purchased! That's what I'm doing!

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