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Monday, March 7, 2011

Chocolate Theme Baby Shower Games

I'm not a fan of the typical baby shower games. I like games that allow the people at the party to get to know each other better as well as games that make you think a little bit. I also like to offer a number of ways for people to win prizes. Here are the different things we did at the Chocolate Themed Shower that I held on Friday night:

1. Decadent Chocolate Dessert Contest
I held a contest for the chocolate desserts that were brought to the shower.
The categories were:
  • gooiest
  • richest
  • most complicated
  • most creative
Each guest could vote only once for each dish.

2. What If -- We played "what if" about the proud mama of the shower. We went around the room and each had to ask her a "what if" question. She would then write her answer on a whiteboard and when she had answered the question the time was up. She'd then reveal her answer and if you happened to get it right you won a point. It was fun to have everyone participate in asking questions as we learned more about the baby mama. Some of the "what if" questions that were asked that I recall were:
  • What if you could have an unlimited gift card to one store for the rest of your life . . . what store would it be? (I thought this was a very clever question!)
  • What if your DVR could only record one show . . . what show would it be?
  • What if you had to live in another country . . .where would you live?

3. I've Never --  Each guest had to grab 10 pieces of wrapped chocolate from the treats table. We then had to go around and state an "I've never" statement about motherhood. If you HAD done the thing mentioned you had to give up one of your pieces of chocolate. The person holding the last piece of chocolate was the winner. Some of the "I've never" statements were:
  • I've never had a c-section?
  • I've never changed a blow up diaper.
  • I've never had a child with stitches.
4. Name that Candy Bar -- The other party game I had was a print off of 20 different cross sections of chocolate candy bars. The guests had to try and guess which candy bar was depicted in each picture.  Here is the sheet I made:

Let me know if you'd like a copy (along with the answers) of the game above.

1 comment:

just jen said...

it was the best baby shower ever!

thanks again for being the hostess with the mostest!

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