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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Don't Forget Ebates!

My son has been eyeing some Nike shoes at the Nike website.  He reminded me that I still owed him a pair for his birthday.  So he showed the pair...$100!  With teenagers a plenty around here...come plenty of high priced items.  But I too love nice stuff (especially when it comes to an awesome pair of running shoes and I had my eye on the same ones)! 

I was just about to purchase the shoes when I stopped everything...EBATES!  I couldn't believe I had almost bought something online without checking my favorite EBATES (and ironically I had just cashed my check today) first. 

And was pleased as punch when I saw that Nike was 6% cash son replied, "How do you find this stuff Mom?"

So after free shipping and getting some cash back...I was pretty happy.  You will be too if you start using Ebates...DON'T FORGET CLICK HERE!

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