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Friday, March 11, 2011

It's Friday--Get Your Swag On!

I taught my mom all about Swagbucks this past week. She can't believe how easy it is to earn free gift cards! This is my weekly reminder to make sure that you too are earning those gift cards. I've earned almost $75 to Amazon since November! I'm super duper loving that! Go HERE to sign up now.

Helpful Hint:
Want to earn even more? Have your friends and family sign up under your personal Swagbucks link. Swagbucks will match the first 1000 Swagbucks that they make and place them in YOUR account! How cool is that? Also make sure you set Swagbucks as your home page and install the Swagbucks toolbar. This will ensure that you REMEMBER to ONLY search through Swagbucks. Now, go get your swag on.


Gina said...

Brooke, I just learned another tip, (maybe you know this, since you're the swag queen- haha) anytime I purchase a groupon or living social deal, I find it under the "daily deals" and click on the link through swagbucks first. I get tons of swagbucks and it just makes the groupon that much cheaper in my eyes. Love it! Thanks for letting me know about swagbucks.

Brooke said...

Thanks for the tip, Gina! No, I did not know that! I too am ALWAYS learning that there are a million ways to save!

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