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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mondays with Nonnie: Our Thoughts and Prayers

I had a fun idea to share with all of you this week but in light of the tragedy in Japan I felt the fun could wait a week and we can all go back to our regularly scheduled lives but for a moment we can stop and think and pray for the ones who won't be going back to "normal", not for a while at least, and most likely not for the rest of their lives.  I took the kids out of school today and enjoyed making memories in our beautiful capital city, Washington DC.  This evening we showed the children clips of the earthquake and tsunami which brutally struck Japan this past weekend.  We talked to them about the events that are affecting our world and what we can do to help.  We agreed we could write letters (draw pictures) for the families in Sendai.  We had a missionary from our church over for dinner last night and his best friend is serving a mission in Sendai.  He received word that his friend is alive and well.  We will send the letters (and a small gift) through our missionary friend to his missionary friend to pass along to the families that he is serving in Japan. 

With Love, Nonnie

From Brooke:
This post is especially meaningful to me. As many of you know, I grew up in Japan. Times like these make one stop and contemplate what is truly important as well as help one reflect, if not realize, the abundant blessings in one's life. My thoughts and prayers go to those in need--especially the children.  

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