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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tip of the Day: Change Your Plate Size

Did you know that if you swap out your regular dinner plate (12-inch) for a salad plate (9-inch) plate that you can save money and lose weight! Mr. T and I switched to eating on salad plates a few years ago and it has made a huge difference on how much food we pile on our plates at mealtime. Using this simple technique can easily cut your food consumption by 30%. That means you'll eat less and waste less helping you save money AND lose weight in the process.

Using smaller plates and bowls also helps if you are measuring portion sizes. For example, a half-cup of ice cream probably doesn’t look like nearly enough in a bowl that easily holds three scoops. However, if you try a smaller bowl, a half-cup scoop will look just right. Now don't go and feel guilty about printing the Ben and Jerry's coupon I just posted about. Just don't eat it all in one sitting. :)

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