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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mondays with Nonnie: Team King

Several years ago I went into a t-shirt embroidery shop to pick up the boy's uniforms for their little league baseball team and it got me thinking...if they have t-shirts made up to show that they belong to a sports team why can't I just get t-shirts made to show that they are on our family's team?  Hence the 'Team King' t-shirts were ordered and purchased on the spot! 

Every Saturday since then we don our "Team" jersey and work together to clean our home.  We started out with Saturday being called "Saturday Work Day" but after some discussion we came up with Saturday Work, Serve, Learn and Play Day to assure for a well balanced day--and less grumpy Teammates:). 

Each Saturday we eat breakfast as a family and with white board in hand we come up with the best 'Game Plan' for the day.  If our activities (sports, birthday parties, church/family/friends planned events) are scheduled for the morning we take care of that first then make sure we section off some time to get the work done, whether inside or out, same goes for service and learning for the day.  We display the white board with assignments on an easel in the dining room and as they complete their duties they can cross it off the list. 

Some Saturdays go more smoothly than others but having a system in place helps us keep on a steady coarse towards our goal of having a happy home. 

I guess this could actually be considered 'Saturdays with Nonnie'.  Have a Great Week! 

With Love, Nonnie

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