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Monday, April 11, 2011

NEW Hasbro Toy Coupons Available

If you purchased this weekend’s paper, some of you may have received a bonus Hasbro Playsaver insert full of coupons for toys and games. Unfortunately, I didn't! But that's OK, because we can print them out HERE.

$3.00/1 Elefun or Gator Golf

$3.00/1 Play Doh Smashed Potatoes

$2.00/1 Candy Land or Chutes and Ladders

$3.00/1 Bop It!, Bop It! Bounce, or Cuponk Game

$3.00/1 Twister Hoopla, Monopoly U-Build or Sorry! Spin

$4.00/1 Electronic Scrabble Flash or Monopoly Electronic Banking

$2.00/1 Ratuki card game

$3.00/1 Sorry!, Monopoly, Connect 4, Guess Who?, or Operation

$3.00/1 Iron Man 2 toy

$5.00/1 Iron Man Armor Chargers

$5.00/1 Repulsor Power Iron Man

$5.00/1 Rocket Boost Iron Man

$5.00/1 Iron Man Battle Vehicles

$5.00/1 Iron Man Helmet Toy

$5.00/1 Spider-Man Battle Vehicle

$5.00/1 THOR Electronic Figure

$5.00/1 Easy Bake Microwave & Style Kit

$3.00/1 Baby Alive Splash ‘N Giggles or Sips & Cuddles

$2.00/1 Snuggimals or Furry Frenzies Deluxe Pets wyb Peeps

$3.00/1 Play Doh 24 pack or Play Doh Sesame Street Cookie Monster Play Set

$5.00/1 My Little Pony: Princess Celestia or My Little Pony Twinkling Balloon Playset

$5.00/1 Chuck & Friends Crazy Crane Stunt set or Tumble Tower

$5.00 off Chuck & Friends purchase of $25 +

$5.00 off Weebles purchase of $20 +

$5.00/1 Playskool Busy Ball Popper

$5.00/1 Playskool Sit ‘N Spin

$2.00/1 Mr. Potato Head classic

$2.00/1 Weebles figure 2-pack

$5.00/1 Playskool Step Start Walk ‘n Ride

$5.00/1 Thor Lightning Hammer

$5.00/1 Iron Man Rolling Battle Headquarters

$5.00/1 Wisecracking Spider-Man Figure

$2.00 off Hasbro Star Wars purchase $10+

$5.00/1 Blythe Doll with pet or Blythe Scooter

$5.00/1 Alphie toy

$5.00/1 Nerf N-Strike Blaster valued $19.99 or more

$3.00/1 Strawberry Shortcake MIni Doll in Purse, Twirling Flowers Fashion Doll or Story in a Box

$5.00/1 RC Walking Iron Man

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