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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Good news...I just got us a great deal on Botox at the Spa Clinic in Gainesville!  If you have always wanted to try a little Botox and have been is the time. 

Now I rarely do anything unless I have a "deal" in place...and this is no exception!  The owner (and wife to Dr. Arzadon...he will be doing the procedure), has offered us a 25% discount if we have 8 people!  That is huge.

I will admit I have had Botox before and although it is it takes those wrinkles away (and really the only solution). They say it lasts for about 3-6 months...but I have found mine lasts for longer.

If you would like to come and erase some of those nasty wrinkles (I hate the "mean" one located right between my eyes), let me know.  Marilyn, one of the experts at the clinic, has told me you can call her up and ask her for "an estimate of what you would like done" so you are prepared beforehand.

I have not decided an exact date yet..waiting to hear what the majority says!  It will be on a Tues or Wed though!
Anyone and Everyone is welcome to join!

Heather (heytarruns(at)gmail(dot)com

1 comment:

Kris & Amy said...

Man if I lived there I would totally come! I have been wanting to try it. :)

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